Day 3 - Morris IL to Sheffield IL

Wednesday June 13, 2001, 65 miles (105 km) - Total so far: 198 miles (319 km) From Morris to the end of the I & M canal towpath at LaSalle IL. Stairs at the trail end in LaSalle led up to Joliet street, industrial area up the hill. Lunch at Apple Bagel's in Peru IL.
Stopped to ask directions to the Hennepin Canal trail in the small town of Wyanet IL, very nice couple almost forced me to drink lemonade, talked for a long time, he had been to the IN/Tek site and to my hometown of New Carlisle before. It is very heartening to be treated so nicely by total strangers. Hot again, 94 degrees today. Stopped at the Hennepin Canal visitor's center, there were no people in sight so I set up to camp under a picnic shelter. A ranger making his rounds came by and told me that the Park does not allow camping. I told him I was just drying gear. Nice fellow, I think he felt bad for having to enforce the rules. Apparently unlike the I & M canal trail which has quite a few trailside camp-areas, camping is not allowed anywhere along this trail. I packed up my gear & returned after dark. Early start next day - on road by 5:00 a.m.